The company was created during the opening of new opportunities. The goal of the creators is to develop the Russian production of confectionery products, the quality of which is not inferior to the best world standards.

Offer a product of quality comparable to the quality of leading brands, but at a lower price

Миссия компании

Having passed several stages of modernization over the past 20 years, today Conditerprom is a large production complex equipped with modern equipment and a laboratory, staffed with highly qualified personnel and producing products of the highest quality, both according to traditional Soviet recipes and using its own unique developments.

The company has implemented and certified the HACCP food safety management system (ISO 22000). The products of the food processing plant have been awarded many times numerous regional, Russian and international exhibitions.

The high quality and safety of the products allowed the company to become a supplier of most of the major Russian federal networks: Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Magnit, Metro, Auchan, etc.

In 2020, a team of managers and technologists set themselves an ambitious task – to restore the old recipes of Glazov pastille, adapting them to modern technological processes, to create products that are unique in quality and taste. Their efforts were crowned with success, which allowed in 2021 to start the production of unique light sweets of long aging under the brand name "Petit-Apretit".


High-tech equipment and innovations

The production facilities are equipped with modern European equipment. Automation of the process allows you to maintain high quality and a large volume of supplies, and manufacturability-to preserve the useful properties of natural raw materials.


Quality Management

Quality control and safety

In production, we use raw materials from the best domestic suppliers. All incoming raw materials are strictly tested by our own laboratory at every stage of production. Food safety management systems, guarantee safety and excellent quality.

Управление качеством


A team of dedicated professionals

We are responsible to our employees, treating everyone as an important member of our large team. In our team, there is no indifference to each other, nor to the case, which for many of us has already become a matter of life, and the professional attitude to it is a matter of honor.



We work with clients all over Russia and the CIS

High standards of production organization allow us to remain a key supplier of products under our own brands for the majority of large Russian federal networks for more than 10 years: